Sunday, August 07, 2005

Who I am...

I cannot figure out how to start this post even though I know exactly what I want to say. Yesterday, Scott had a gallery opening on the northside. The bar/gallery (Leadway) was really pretty great. What a gem...I wonder how people find these places. All in all I had a fun day spending time with my friends and sister/her boyfriend. Scott's art is the kind of art I could picture above my mantle, I really enjoyed it. All around a good time.

And then it went downhill. I went to an actual bar. The Leadway was low-key and spacey. Wasn't too smoky or noisy. Really a great atmosphere. The Lincoln Station was like a meat market. Impossible to hear, really drunk people everywhere, smoke clouds and a crush to walk anywhere. I truly hated it. I find no value in that second bar. I couldn't hear what anyone was saying unless we were yelling/leaning in. There was a girl passed out on the floor in the bathroom. I watched some guy stumble and fall on every step he took because he was so drunk. What is the point? Someone, explain, why do you enjoy being in a place like that? I guess the only way to enjoy that is to get plastered yourself and I really don't have the desire to do that anymore.

I love my friends, I really am lucky that I managed to keep in touch with all these girls. But sometimes I don't think they really understand me. I get the feeling they secretly think I'm a "loser." I'm just so tired of defending my opinion/feelings on bars to my friends. I frequently am harassed to change my mind. I have tried. I'm not just making this dislike up because I'd rather sit on my couch. Let's go to dinner, a movie, a quiet intimate sort of bar, a museum, a play, anything but to a "real" bar. I just don't like it and I quit.

And maybe that makes me a loser. But I'd rather sit on my couch reading a good book than go to that bar again. Although to be honest, they really do have great food (I've eaten there for lunch) so I probably will go again during the day/evening. But you get my point!


  1. The girl passed out on the floor of the bathroom is the loser. Not you. When you go to those places you go because your friends want to go and that is a good reason...maybe the only reason. Nobody ever said you had to like that scene. Hanging with drunken idiots all the time can get old in a hurry.

    Being true to your feelings never makes you a loser. Not liking what your friends like doesn't make you a loser either. Everyone has different tastes. I think yours are quite balanced and intelligent.

  2. Katie, thanks for coming to the opening. I'll also tell you that while I can tolerate those sorts of bars, I do find them to be particularly hellish. I would much rather hang out at the Leadway where the music is just loud enough to hear, the company is pleasant and the owners smile when they fix a drink. Obviously, those other sorts of bars are open for different kinds of reasons...
    I don't know. You go to those places to be with your friends once in a while, but it will never be your (or my) scene, and you (we) should be comfortable and confident in that.

  3. I don't particulary like those kinds of bars either. I think you think I do LOVE those bars, I don't. I loved the Leadway Gallery/Bar. I would much rather sit and be able to talk, than scream. I like what your pooj said, you went because that was where your friends where, well not techinally your friend, but that was where my friend was, so that's why I went. I had definately had enough by the time we left being there for only a 1/2 hour or so. I am sorry you HATED it, I wish you would have told me.

  4. it constantly amazes me, because everyone hates the meet market, and yet everyone seems to go. lincoln station is bad. duffys is bad. mcgees is bad.

    they are all bad.

    and yet im sure ill be back (and youll be back) to visit one of them (all of them) very soon.

    the question is never: is a good book better than this bar? (because the answer is probably YES!) the question is: why are you still in this bar IF you have a good book at home? (because you never know what might happen at the bar - you DEFINATELY know what will happen if you stay home and read a book).

    youve just inspired me to write my next post.

    here's one of my favorite quotes - i think it sums up EXACTLY why you (we) were in LS:

    "let's just admit outright that the search for the perfect woman is ridiculous. no one person could hit the mark, no two people could agree on the qualifications. a guy on the hunt for the perfect woman is really a guy on a jackass attacking windmills. quixotic insanity. still, every heterosexual guy saddles up his rickety ride, drags his best friend pancho out to play wingman, and charges, out each and every day with the glimmer in the back of his brain that shit happens, and, hey, you never know."

    -the search for the perfect woman