Wednesday, August 03, 2005


So I just had to swelter on the Red Line because the brown/purple lines lost power for a huge chunk of their stations. I don't know how or why...but it was too hot to be screwing around with switching trains and I'm crabby.

For those of you who are following my work issues, I was called in to see the VP today. I've figured out that my major source of pain and horribleness at this job is simply office politics. I don't know if I have it in me to play and there is not one single job out there that doesn't have them. I got reprimanded for improperly wording my time off request (for a 1/2 day off, not for the Disney vacation in November- I worded that one OK). Doesn't it seem silly to care about how I asked for the time off? I didn't say, YO BITCH, I'm not coming in this day. I asked them to mark me down for a day. Apparently I should have asked them to approve me. It's such crap, it's all about stroking egos.

Anyway, I also found out that my underwriter totally portrayed me as a whiner. We had that whole conversation about how I understood I needed to be told I made a mistake but I didn't feel the method was good. She tells the VP I feel like I'm being picked on. Which is so NOT the case. I know I need to learn this stuff and be criticized - just not when my underwriter basically tells me I'm stupid. Never's such a subtle distinction and so hard to explain, but I know she made it sound like I can't handle any criticism at all. When really, I just can't handle her negativity. In the end I came out looking like an asshole because I didn't go to the VP and whine. I guess that should teach me a lesson. The whole point of the conversation with the VP was again to speed me along and the VP has finally realized that my underwriter clearly is resistant to the idea. I'm going to be working with her more now. Which is really worth being called a whiner and whatever else. So I'm sticking it out. At least through November (for Disney!)....and really, if i'm still there in November, I might as well see what kind of bonus/raise I get, right???

So no more work bitching for the moment. I feel a little more satisfied...

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  1. Yeah Katie! I'm really glad you addressed your issue with someone higher up the chain. The big boss thinks you're the greatest, so you should make sure you keep communicating when things get off track. It's also a good idea to communicate upwards when something goes well (cause even the boss likes positive feedback!) M