Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Soupy air...

On a daily basis my feelings about this city run from pure hatred to doe-eyed adoration. Today was one of those days where I truly felt both extremes.

At the one end was the putrid, soupy, thick air. When it gets this hot, the city shows its true colors...or really true odors. The weirdest thing about it is that I swear there are little clouds of bad smell just lurking at every corner. Unpredictable and really only lasting just a second...and yet long enough to be cruel and make you scrunch your nose.

On the other hand, I saw the most beautiful spiders web today. That doesn't seem like something to make me love the city, but the way the sun was glinting, and the web was in front of one of my favorite brownstones...it was just pure, beautiful city.

I feel like I've been really, really negative lately and I'm aware that I need to try to change that. I'll try to limit my ranty, complainy blogs to a few a month. I have exciting stuff coming up...so I hope that will help a smidge. Even little things are exciting me, like the purchase of some shelves and the acquisition of a hand vac for the little puffs of cat hair that materialize every day.

To my every increasingly distant friends, I vow to start real mail this week. I don't think I've sent anyone anything for at least a month and that is really awful. Need addresses though...

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