Monday, August 15, 2005

Super glue...

Something the jerk at the Coldplay concert said has stuck with me. Really stuck. He didn't think I was old enough to have graduated college. Ok, people tell me I look young all the time, but all of the sudden this thought struck: if everyone thinks I'm so young, how will I ever meet a boy?

Old ladies are always like: oh dear, you'll appreciate it someday. Even middle-aged people always comment on how much I'll love it. But, if it forces me into spinsterhood, what kind of gift is that??


  1. I don't think you look that young. And hey, some guys are into younger girls. Look at all of those guys obsessed with the Olsen twins.

  2. i think janet is on to something. younger (looking) is DEFINATELY better. i look young, and i love to revel in my youth.

    it reminds me of my roommates new girlfriend - she didnt have her ID, and almost had to leave the bar we were at... fortunately we knew the owner, and he smoothed it over. my roommate had mentioned something about her going to depaul, so i pulled him aside and asked if she was a student... he was like, 'dood! i was kidding. she's twenty eight!'.

    sometimes its really weird to think someone is younger than you, and find out they are quite the opposite.


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  4. Girls looking young is a good thing. Girls actually being young, that's a bad thing.

    I swear sometimes it's impossible to gage the age of a girl... she looks like she's in her early 20's and then the more you talk to her, you find out , she's like 17 or something.