Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oh cheeserific...

I feel really full of cheese today. Without actually eating any. I don't know why but I love cheesy stuff.
  1. Brat camp. I love the way they're saving these kids. Ok, so I don't actually believe they're being saved. But I think it's probably helping a tiny bit.
  2. Romance novels. I'm not even going to explain this. They are wonderfully unrealistically sappy about love. Maybe I'm a cynic, but love does not exist in the real world the way it does in romance novels. And I eat it up.
  3. Disney World. How excited am I?
That doesn't really seem like that much does it? Ok, but getting all of it at once made me feel overwhelmed with the corniness of it all. I was watching Brat Camp, reading a romance novel when my Mooj called to tell me about the Disney tickets. A bit much, yeah?

I'm in a good mood. I am finally being given a little bit of trust and responsibility at work which is all I ever wanted. To be treated like an adult. Although, I still don't know if this is my life's passion. To be honest, I don't think I have very much ambition in life. I don't know, my sister likes to categorize me with people who do have ambition. I think she's missing one valid thing here: just because I have a boring business job does not make me ambitious. In fact, doesn't that mean I've fairly settled?

My latest dream job is to be a conservationist at an art museum. Wouldn't that kick ass? You know how much school that would require? Too much.

Oh, and welcome back Katy!


  1. I'm pretty sure two of the brat camp kids just had brushes with the law. You know, after the camp.

  2. I am glad that Katy is back to. It gives me another blog to read at work.