Sunday, August 14, 2005

Honorary cheesehead...

Happy Sunday.

Coldplay was last night at Alpine Valley. Our seats were really choice - clear view of everything even though I'm so short. All in all, I truly enjoyed the concert. There were a few small glitches...first, I think the band may have a "rock star" complex. At the very beginning of the show the lights were dimmed and then we listened to piped in music for another few minutes. Then the lights completely went out and again, more piped in music (and watching some fog machines sporadically fill the stage with fog). Why make us wait? Honestly, come out on stage when you turn out the lights or leave them on.

The second problem was no fault of Coldplay but of the ugliness of concert crowds. There was the guy sitting next to my mom who was very chatty and clearly loved himself and the amount of money he made. He told me I was a "lucky, lucky girl" because he couldn't afford tickets like these until after he graduated college and started making boatloads of money. At which point I pointed out that I too have graduated. He looked a little put-out, and then said, well, I still had to make lots of money before I could sit here; he also mentioned something about comparing W-2s. True Idiot. And then there was the volume at which the crowd sang along. I think this is a hazard at a "soft rock" concert. I'm sure at other concerts I've been to everyone is singing along with just as much volume, only in this case you could hear it. Annoying.

Anyway, the band clearly knows how to entertain and everything sounded really great. Chris Martin is sort of a gangly geek with ADD. Really interesting hi-jinks on the stage. I believe his "rocking" at his piano contributed to a rather graphic sex dream I had last night. It was almost like watching him having sex with his piano. A little weird, a little OK.

In other news, I spent exactly $50 on gas this weekend. That's hideous and I think I would be poor if I drove too much.

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  1. I like your picture of Mona. I won't be able to post a picture of my kitty because I have no digital camera.