Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oh my Sunday...

A lot of people spent this beautiful day watching airplanes roll around the sky or boats zoom through the water. I attempted a "household improvement." And really, at this point attempt is the correct verb.

The medicine cabinet in my bathroom was fairly hideous. It was a fake wood that was chipping and rather used looking. It clearly needed help. So I chose to paint the thing black. I seriously lack precision and/or cleanliness so right now, the bathroom is a disaster. But the medicine cabinet is promising. And there is only paint on my hands, the drop cloth and the cabinet. That is a serious victory.

I have a few problems though. Right now, a
ll the painting paraphernalia is blocking my access to the toilet. But really, the biggest problem is that this is clearly a two coat/two day project and I started on a Sunday. So for the next week not only does the cabinet look fairly bad (although even in its streaky ugliness it is better looking than the original) but I have to keep the paint crap everywhere and deal with an empty unusable cabinet. Here's hoping no one comes over and wishes to use the bathroom.

I'm also stuck with the paranoia that some small bit of paint has stuck to my body and is now staining my beautiful couch.

Totally unrelated: I crave fall. Crisp air, red leaves, the whole deal. Summer has really taken advantage of us this year - far too hot.

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  1. I, like you, love fall. I can't wait for it to start. Except for the allergy problems. Although, your picture does remind me of the fun I had this summer.