Thursday, August 11, 2005

And the triangle becomes a square...

In honor of my sister's "lame" confessions (which to be honest, weren't very lame) I've decided to make my own. I tend to be a lame person so there may be quite a few.

First, there's the obvious: Dawson's Creek. I've been Tivo'ing the whole series. The last episode is on as we speak. I came in at the end of high school, so I still have a few more seasons to go. Anyway, the lame part is that I love this show. As I'm watching Jen slowly, slowly die I can't help but cry exactly when the show tells me to. Oh Pacey...

And then of course, like my sister there's Disney world. No I'm not going twice in one year, but for the last six years I've been 5 times (this was a quick calculation, it might be wrong). And I'm excited to go. It never ceases to make me happy, Disney World. And to those that don't appreciate it, you obviously are older, and stodgier than me. Which is hard to accomplish.

Of course, there's my love of my cats. Truly my little family here, the three of us. That's lame, eh?

And my last is only a tidge lame. There's this boy. I see him on the "L", my platform or train car at least once a week if not every day. He's mostly unremarkable. Kind of a cross between Paul Bettany and that guy from the movie with all the rats (but I swear he's attractive). He's always reading (and was seen with the newest Harry Potter) and he's always wearing the same outfit (sandals, plain t-shirt, shorts). I have little daydreams about this kid every day on the L. And then forget about him until the next day. He's like the muse of my morning L daydreams. How boring my morning is going to be once my hours change. But then again, I'm sure there will be another muse...

And in the process I realized that Paul Bettany may be my ideal. Is that weird?

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  1. I don't know, I think the fact that I can't make a basic brownie cupcake is pretty lame.

    But of course, that's why it was in the lame confessions bin. Dawson's Creek IS lame, but so is my OC obsession. So we're mostly even.