Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Festival o' meat...

Ok, no this does not have anything to do with penises. I'm talking brazilian style Fogo de Chao meat. It was delicious, a nice dinner was had by all. I did manage to stain my dry clean only pants with a flying sausage, but it's OK because my cat had some olfactory pleasure upon my return.

I wanted to make a quick comment about the horrible, angry pimple on my chin. Like my sister says, it's a beacon. I get maybe one really ugly pimple every 3-4 months, and it's just lovely that it's here now. Not that I have anything exciting to do and I plan for it to be gone by Saturday for Scott's show....if it's not I'm going to be like Angela in that one My So-Called Life episode where she plays with/covers her chin/pimple all episode. That's exactly how i feel right now.

I totally forget my other idea for a post. Oh well. I'm off....Miami Ink tonight, you should try to catch it...

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