Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wobbly bits.....

The hottest guy was on my L today. Ok, to the rest of the world, he was probably just OK, but he was right up my alley. I thought there was some eye flirting going on but bam, wedding ring. He probably thought I was some scary gawker. Oops. But he was hot. Nothing like a wedding ring to make the whole thing go south...

I haven't posted anything about work in a while because it's been OK. But today...well, my underwriter may not be the smartest or most grounded person out there. Long story short, we were discussing farm equipment. Here's her idea of how people farm: "farmers use labor for that kind of stuff" (think: men stooped over with a bag of seeds and a hoe). I said, you know, I think most everything is machines these days, they plant all the seeds with big machines. And she argued with me. Honestly, all those straight rows of corn did not get hand planted. I'm sorry, but that is la la land. I couldn't even argue with her about it because then I'd get a talk about my attitude.

In my dream last night, the hairiest man in the world was following me down the street. His chest was just a mat of blondish hair. Then, he pulls down his pants, and proceeds to lay down on the ground and slip and slide towards me (on his belly you dirty, dirty people). When he gets at my feet, it turns out he has no legs. Needless to say, I am tired because my dreams were messed up last night. Too much information? Well, I had to share, it's still creeping me out. Shiver.

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