Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Leave all the lights on...

Just read a story that an earthquake or two (quite serious ones) are bound to hit the Midwest sometime. The best part is: when and where are unknown. So it could not be in our lifetime or I could be jiggling on floor 27 at work tomorrow. How? New Madrid fault. Learn about it kids.

I saw 4 people with broken bones today. And three of them were feet. Do people break their ankles and feet a lot in the summer? Because I can't remember seeing ONE on the L and today I see three.

As I was riding to work I was listening to Dave Matthews Band. Like my sister said, Live 8 coverage kind of sucked ass. But I did get to see Dreamgirl live and it looks like the new CD is going to play well live. It made me excited to see Dave again.Which is the most important thing. Anyway, I started wondering about how many DMB concerts I've been to...and I think I'm just going to go ahead and count July 23 as 20. Here's my process: I've been going for about 8 years now. Every summer. Most summers twice. One summer I think I had a record of 4....maybe 5 counting a winter show for the year. It just seems I must be at 20. Isn't that crazy? And now a rant:

Dear teeny-boppers and college chippys,

You have ruined the lawn. I remember when sitting on the lawn at a Dave concert was like a lazy afternoon picnic. You had your dancing hippies (who of course were smoking up), your normal people (me and the sis) and the oldsters (think: your parents). Now you have people pissing, falling down the hill, drunk, high, screaming, talking on the phone, and being horrible concert goers in general. To me, it's all about the music. I think I could go to a concert with a random and be fine. Because you don't have to talk. Sing and dance and be happy. I hate you, lawn ruiners. Can't go to a Dave concert anymore unless I sit in the seats.

And PS, that stupid shit "Hey" thing during the Warehouse intro is the WORST WAY to ruin a really great song. Way to go.



  1. Yeah baby, you're so right about that crap "Warehouse" shit. That "Hey" thing is so annoying and wrong.

    Man, reminiscing about past Dave crowds just makes me sad, because it was so fun, and it used to feel so right. Not anymore.

    You know what I always think? Shawn didn't start going to DMB concerts until three years ago. Two? Anyway, he loves the shows, but can you imagine how much he'd love them if he saw them when the crowd was pure love?

  2. Methinks the sisters are idealizing a bit here. The crowd has definitely gotten worse, but it was never as magical as you're saying. But, it is terrible now, and for that you can blame albums like "Everyday."