Monday, July 04, 2005

To be honest, didn't do much this weekend. In the most truthful of terms I was sort of a hermit. But i enjoyed my hermitude very much. I got all of my Hawaii laundry done (a lot!) and had one expensive trip to the grocery store to restock (see, not totally a hermit). Other than that I sat on the couch and watched loads of crappy TV and movies. Oh, I did go to the Taste, so see, not so bad.

I always feel a little weird when I spend a weekend doing nothing. Like people are going to somehow look at me and sneer. I guess we never get over that thing from our teenage years where we don't want to be the "loser" that stayed in. If anyone is past that it should be me (considering I did an awful lot of staying in even back then). Anyway, no pity, no sneers, it was definitely by choice I did nothing. Everyday I thought of all the things I could be doing as I sat on the couch.....nothing motivated me to leave it.

And now I have to go to work tomorrow. It's the week of appointments. Ok, I only have 2, but 2 in a 3 and a half day work week is a lot. Up tomorrow: a visit with my "financial advisor." I kid you not.


  1. Said while going around the room and declairng what kind of animal one would like to be...

    Katie says "If I could be any animal I would be... a cow!" Lots of laughing. A little later Katies says "No I ment to say dog people." More laughing. "No a german shepard."

    Sad part, Katie was not first.

    This embarrasing katie moment brought to you by
    theycallmered's hubby

    What is your funny Katie story?

  2. that happens to me all the time! i think it has as much to do with high school flashbacks, as it does being in chicago during the summertime.

    no matter how knackered i feel after a long week of work, i still feel compelled to call up as many people as possible and do my best to rock out the weekend.

    its awesome that you just hungout all weekend.