Sunday, July 31, 2005

One two...

Today I am pretending to be a runner. I have my runner t-shirt (left over from my sorority days when we sponsored a fund-raising 5k) and spandexy shorts (bought when in Hawaii and about to embark on ATV tour that would surely ruin my nice shorts). I look like I'm serious about running. Couldn't be farther from the truth..

I have two quick things to say. Maybe three. First, I'm starting to believe that I love living in the city for reasons that few if any of my twenty-something brethren share. I don't love the night-life or the trendy stores. I don't love showing off my "business woman" wardrobe and pointy shoes (because I find that whole thing a little silly). I guess I just like the atmosphere, the options of things to do in walking/public transport distance, the beautiful architecture. I'm telling you, I skipped my twenties and jumped straight to 30.

I know some of you get bored by my cat talk, which I haven't engaged in for a long, long time. But I'm FINALLY having some luck with my "people hating" cat. For all these months she's been so afraid of me and anyone else that I couldn't touch her. Gradually I've been able to touch her back, but only when she's on the move (sitting/laying she still runs for her life when i approach). Anyway, yesterday I touched her head! And she didn't run. It was so exciting. Plus, this afternoon she rubbed against my leg. This is huge! I guess it doesn't seem all that great to you guys, but I'm finally getting somewhere.

Last, has anyone else noticed that it seems like the "blogosphere" is populated mostly by women? Every man who blogs seems to have numerous women commenting/flirting with him (or really, any man who seems to hold a tiny bit of intelligence and has gotten their blog out there). It seems a little unfair. Where are all the intelligent men who can string a sentence together and why aren't they blogging?


  1. a.) you're talking about your cats again - you really are a thirty-something trapped in a twenty-somethings body.
    b.) i asked scott if he gets women commenting/flirting on his blog, and he (and i both, really) consider him to be a fairly intelligent man who can string sentences along together, and he says that he doesn't have women commenting/flirting with him on his blog. then again, i am his girlfriend, so maybe he's just keeping those comments/flirts to himself and not sharing with me.....

  2. Nobody flirts with me. Does that mean I don't have even the least little bit of intelligence? Damn!

  3. katie im confused (it happens alot, and quite often - clearly im not one of the intelligent men 'out' there. ha!). are you trying to say that female bloggers are flirting with any guy - irregardless of their intelligence? are you ACTUALLY lamenting how there are no intelligent male bloggers out here? ha!

    im actually surprised that you would feel this way. ive always felt that there is an equal representation across gender lines. in sheer numbers this may be true, but in terms of quality, i find that women are generally better writers.

    or maybe thats just me wanting to read/comment (flirt) with female bloggers. ha!

    hooizz (

    BTW - i think once you pass twenty four (two years out of school) its natural to start slowing down and mellowing out. going out is fun, but by no means an absolute for me. i enjoy being able to play volleyball on the beach, run along the lakefront, meet lots of like minded folks, join book clubs etc.

    THATS why i love chicago.