Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So, I'm in a much better mood. I found out there are ZERO authority figures at the office for the rest of the week so it's going to be a party. Or just a little more lee-way to slack off. What the hell is lee-way anyway?

First, DMB was fun. Our seats were amazing. I am short (everyone out there is like, yeah no shit) so seating can make or break a concert. And our seats were basically the best you can get for a short person (the first stadium row - in other words, the "pit" was right in front of us, but we were a step up). I know, i know, DMB shows do not have a pit. But how else do you explain that? Set-list, eh, could have been better (in a dream world where the last 3 CD's never came out). But still a fun show.

Now, Lollapalooza had the makings of being a spectacular festival experience. Except it was 115 degrees. There was no way to truly and completely enjoy it. But I think my sis and I did our best. We stayed in the shade away from the stages and therefore only heard snatches of most of the shows. We finally went out to the field when the sun went down and saw the Killers. Which impressed me. I don't have/know the CD (I was given a copy after the concert) but enjoyed it anyway. We watched half of Death Cab (which was really my main reason for going to the show) but we were so exhausted we packed it in halfway through. It is my greatest hope and dream that Lolla permanently chooses Chicago. I'd pee my pants in joy.

I've decided to spice up my summer by randomly switching things up in my life. First, is some gratuitous picture changing up in that corner there. You'll never know when it will change or what the picture is. OOoooh, spicy.

And now my dears, I'm off. I am really going to spice up my day tomorrow by using apple jelly on my daily PBJ. And to make it even riskier and more interesting, I don't even know if i LIKE apple jelly. HA, I'm dangerous.

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  1. I miss Hawaii. Your picture just reminded me how much I miss it. That and how annoyed I am still that Hubby never backed up his laptop hard drive and when it crashed how we lost 90% of our honeymoon pics.