Thursday, July 28, 2005

All in all...

I don't have anything to say today, except that after listening to the Killers album I really like it. You know how sometimes a voice can be really sexy? I find his voice totally induces sexy, dirty thoughts. I can't explain it. No one's voice has done that to me in a long time. Although I have this fond memory of a computer help computer used to crash all the time at school and one time I had sex-god voice on the other end. Oh bliss...

Apple jelly does not have much taste and was a disappointment in the "spice up the life" category.

On the other hand, the picture idea seems to be a hit. Although after much horrible self-conscious re-clicking I've realized that the ATV picture makes me look awfully pillowy/marshmallow like. It's an illusion (although the basoombas are pillowy) created by wind due to my awesome speed. More like it was due to the fact that it was windy and my shirt was too big. So I've decided to go with a more comical ATV picture and then I'll move on to greener pastures. Although in the future there will be more ATV trip pics.

Hey, all you color book people, email me. And if you don't know my email then....I don't know, tell me. We know someone in common, so ask that person. We've gotta get this thing rolling....


  1. I like the pic better when I could see your 'basoombas'. :o)

    Oh yea, this is also me contacting you about the color book.

  2. a.) i find the same thing about the lead singer about the Killers - just, something indicing about their songs/voice.

    b.) this is me contacting you about the color book, have yet to remind scott about it, my bad

  3. Ok, this is me contacting you about the color book....