Thursday, July 14, 2005

And I'll sit and wonder...

I have two things to say today. First, on one of my favorite sites I found out that Harry Potter distorts christianity in the soul. Um, Pope-y...don't you have better things to do than bad mouth Harry Potter? It's a simple book about good and evil and I have every confidence that good will win, so isn't that a good lesson, not soul distortion? Good thing I don't have christianity in my soul...

Second is the matter of a simple bowl of candy. I work in a small office, there's about 25 of us. Most days only 20. When you walk in the office you are greeted by the receptionist's desk which has a little bowl of candy (most often it has mints and starburst). The bathroom is shared with the rest of the floor - in order to get to the girl's loo you must pass the receptionist. Many a person comes back from the bathroom with a handful of candy (to be honest, my underwriter is the worst). I have a slight problem with the handful thing because the receptionist pays for this candy. Yes, this is correct, she is nice enough to put candy on that desk. And I'm sure she is the lowest paid in the office. I take candy, but I also buy bags of candy to contribute every so often. I guess it just seems that there are a lot of people out there who clearly do not think of others. I am the only one who contributes candy besides the receptionist. And I generally regard myself as a pretty selfish person, so come on people, get your act together.

Too excited about seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tomorrow. Brilliant review in the trib. Also up: HP reading marathon...I plan to read the whole thing before I go to work Monday morning. Oh, by the way, those of you who call me at work, I have an all day meeting Monday and will be unavailable.

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