Saturday, July 16, 2005

Chewing, chewing, chewing....

This weekend has started out wonderfully and I think it's only going to continue in that vein.

Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = pure cinema gold. I haven't read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in some time, but I know this version held much truer to the story than the Gene Wilder version. The loss of the "musical" scenes (especially that damn scene where Charlie's mom sings over a vat of clothes) was really no loss at all. The oompa loompas still sang their dittys, in a much more comical (not so serious) manner. Oh man, it was so good. Go see it. I found myself thinking on my long walk home (I walked home from Navy Pier, it was far) that I would love to look inside Tim Burton's head. It must be fascinating the way that man thinks...I'm not one to be effusive about movies. But this was brilliant.

I also spent some time Friday at the zoo and at the lakefront (obviously the long walk home from Navy Pier afforded me views of LOTS of lakefront). The lakefront/beaches are so beautiful, and surprisingly peaceful even though Lake Shore Drive is literally on top of you. For about 20 minutes I seriously thought I was going to take up running. As I approached the apartment I realized that I was obviously taken in by the scenery because I hate running/sweating/physical exertion.

I got home from my journey and decided I had to have Indian food, sorry A and S, I ordered without you. It was a thoroughly satisfying day. And today can only improve on it. I'm going home to buy Harry Potter, get a pedicure and spend all day with some of my old friends (one of whom does have a blog over there on my sidebar but has clearly forgotten about it. She actually has a very interesting life right now and I'm not sure why she hasn't written. Katy, write damn you!).

I'm beginning to think of this weekend as my "back to childhood" weekend. The zoo, Willy Wonka, HP...seeing my two best friends from 5th grade....

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