Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ya da, ya da da....

That title is old lady humming. Before I post more color book info, this is not surprising (Harry Potter quiz):

You are Hermione Granger! You may be a
study-aholic, but you have a grip on reality,
and sometimes your friends need a reminder of
that reality. You are level-headed in a crisis,
and care very much for your friends. You are
popular with teachers, and don't always make
friends very easily. However, when you do make
a friend, you and him/her are next to
impossible to seperate. (Update: took the picture out because it was scary.)

Which Harry Potter character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ok, on to color book stuff. Here is the actual book that Liz chose. Now, I've randomly selected 3 pages. Some were easier to get a picture of and some looked funky. Plus I tried to choose three very different ones. I almost posted the whole book, but I thought I didn't want to take away people's ideas. Most pages are a two page spread. I also decided to post Liz's introductory page. Here you go: random page 1, random page 2, random page 3. Getting the idea?

Any questions out there, I can answer em. I really, really want random people involved. But I don't think any randoms read this....oh well. We're up to six. Welcome Al!

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