Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coming soon...

Color book update: I am going to post some of Liz's color book in web links so that if she does read this, she can restrain herself and not push the links and therefore not ruin the surprise. For the rest of you, it will give you a good idea what this is all about. I'm going to do it tomorrow I hope.

Also, Katy, we have taken your suggestion into consideration but think 1 week is too little. We're thinking 3 weeks time limit. Does that seem ok?

Here's who's signed up for sure so far:
Me, the sister, Katy, J (red-headed college friend) and Scott.

All of you out there, Katy, J, Scott if you know anyone that might enjoy this, let them know they are more than welcome and then let me know. My sister and I are scraping every last name from our address books. We'll get enough people...oh yes, we will.


  1. I am really excited! I am going to be part of a community! We should all go out when Alex get's back into town

  2. you know i'm in too, although, i'd like to at some point get the 1st one back - does anyone know where they are? anyways, can't wait to start it again, i'll make sure to stay in the same place for awhile so my address doesn't change and i stay in the color book loop!