Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oh my...

This weekend did not go as planned. Do they ever? I did end up buying loads of warm weather clothes for the upcoming trip to Hawaii. I also scrubbed every inch of this apartment. Other than that, nothing. There was an art fair I desperately wanted to go to but plans fell through yesterday and today I am not feeling so great.

I don't know what is wrong with my body but food does not stay in for the intended length of time. That's about once a week where I'm feeling unable to leave the apartment. Not good odds. Since I'll be in Hawaii for over a week, lets hope it does not happen there. I'm off on a plane Friday which is why I really needed to get stuff done around here this weekend. It doesn't feel real. I'm not excited because I guess I'm in vacation denial. Plus I hate thinking about leaving the cats here for a week and a half alone. I know, they'll survive, but it still sucks for them.

I'm getting pretty bored with going on and on about me. Aren't you getting bored? I don't feel like I can be intellectual like my sister often is or discuss current events in a satirical manner. Maybe I'll take a two week break starting tomorrow from blogging. I'll see how I feel this week...


  1. Frankly, you are already taking a ten-day, Hawaii-shaped break, so I don't think you need to take any more than that.

    I'm sorry, but Readhead is right. Breaks are not allowed.

  2. By the way, if we didn't want to read about your life we simply wouldn't come to your blog. Let us make the decision whether to read or not, keep writing, we like hearing how you are.

    Roomie #1