Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Was supposed to be short....

  1. Memes cannot be owned. Therefore I see no need to give permission to let someone else use it.
  2. 7 people have searched the words "assess my boobs" and come to my website. Assess my boobs? Does this mean they want to look at my boobs and then give them a grade? Or do they want their boobs assessed? Weirdos.
  3. I am almost cheerful for having had such a weirdly bad week. I finished my class (and passed although I can't wait to see what my percentile was) so now it's just work. Work until Hawaii. Oh man I am ready for that vacation.
  4. I semi got scolded at my lunch the other day. My underwriter told me I have an attitude sometimes (um, hello, who doesn't? I'd be devoid of personality if I took all the shit I get at work and came out smiling all the time). Her complaints: I forget to put her name, as in Katie for underwriter. I do, I forget. But at this point, everyone knows I'm her assistant. It's like she thinks I'm stealing her thunder. Which in a small way I think may be the problem, because right on the tail of this she went into how people are always saying how good I am. #2: I guess one of the file clerks complained about me. And this is a valid complaint because honestly, this file clerk has a pea for a brain. My name is Katie. Every time something says Kathy (there is a Kathy at work) she gives it to me. At first, I was nice. But I've been there for almost a year now. If your job is file clerk you have to know how to read. Katie. Kathy. Different. I'm tired of it. So I give her attitude constantly because she constantly is asking stupid questions and giving me stuff that doesn't belong to me. So OK, be nicer to her. Maybe I'll try. Maybe. But here's the worst: my underwriter tells me I have to suck it up and be her assistant because she's "gotten me just where she likes it" and she doesn't like that she has to train someone else. I hated the way she said it, like she molded me into her perfect little assistant. Like I'm not a smart, decision making human being but a robot that she has programmed to perfection. I hated that. It was belittling. So I gave her attitude and said I'd help her new assistant along the way as much as possible. And so the thing went in a circle and I still have attitude.
  5. The worst part about that whole thing is that almost none of the stuff I got scolded for was an actual issue I need to work on (except for the being nice to the peons thing) and yet I feel guilty. Like I've messed up and now my path to being an underwriter is going to have ten times as many hurdles and take 5 years.
  6. Harry Potter is the best. I'm on book 4 and I remember how I hate doing anything else when I'm reading these books. Even sleeping, and I love for the bed for some more Goblet of Fire.


  1. I'm sorry that you're losing out because you're so competant. Maybe if you'd have been a worse assistant, you'd be training right now.....

    By the way, I'm considering another run at HP, but I'm just not sure yet if I want to.

  2. Don't sweat the underwriter. You do what you do, contine to learn,work for the good of the organization and those in control should see it. If they don't, you tell them at some point. If they still don't get it, you get a different job. When you have confidence in yourself you should never accept being in a place long term that does not appreciate you or makes you unhappy. Life is for living and not for catering to the whims of those who define the term "lowest common denominator". I have no time for people who think they get ahead by playing politics and keeping others down. Meaningful success only comes from pulling yourself up. Some people don't have the confidence or intelligence to know that.


  3. Damn, your dad should write a book. That was some good stuff. Rock on! :-)

    hopefully I'll see ya this weekend!

    ~Roomie #1

    p.s. I hope people don't think I'm stuck up or something by calling myself roomie #1.