Friday, June 03, 2005

Disjointed day...

At work this morning I started out in a bad mood...and I don't know how or when, but all of the sudden I was in a good mood. So it's been kind of a hypercolor day. Does anyone remember those shirts? Why did they stop making them?

I have two thoughts right now:

First, my friend Alex and I have often debated about whether or not one person can truly change the world. Let me be honest here, sometimes Al and I argue and one of us is taking a side we actually don't agree with. Just for the sake of a good argument. That seems strange but it works. I think on this subject both of us actually do "have a side". I believe that only when we work together, in groups, can anything truly change. And Al thinks that one person can change things. I guess mine is more pessimistic? I was thinking about this in relation to one of DMB's new songs...honestly, I have no point to blog about it...i just wonder if my belief is pessimistic. Isn't it optimistic in the worst way? That we all have to hold hands/have harmony in order for things to work? That sounds lame.

Second, I've been toying with the idea of taking an art class for ages now. I used to love art (think grade school). There are thousands of adult drawing/painting/ceramics classes in the city. I really have no excuse not to do it. But I'm afraid. This is something I think I would really enjoy and what if I walk in and everyone is drawing these beautiful bowls of fruit and mine is a bunch of shaky lines. Really fear is holding me back which is so weak. And maybe shaky lines could be beautiful?

By the way, I refuse to take that liberal conservative quiz. I'm liberal.


  1. Hey Katie,
    Don't be afraid of art....go into a class understanding that art is a personal thing. So if your work isn't as "good" as the person next to you, it doesn't matter. You don't make art for anyone else anyway. If you feel like learning and improving than you are personally sucessful, right? Can you tell that I'm an art teacher?

  2. I definately think you should take the art class. Good for you for going "outside the box" kinda and trying something new out. Shakey lines to me would be more beautiful than a painting of a fruit bowl!