Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What else is there after flooding?

Oh wait, how about food poisoning? I went out to lunch with my underwriter today and I guess I am being punished for going off of my diet. At first I thought, oh, just the rich food. But no, this is so much more than just some rich food illness.

And I have a test tomorrow that I absolutely cannot reschedule. So skiving off of work? Not really a point since I have to wake up early and go take a damn test anyway. At this point, if I fail, I don't care. Urgh, my stomach.
Bright point: letter from my friend Al today. Thanks! I think I'll do the meme (read it as I do - mimi) my sister wants me to and then crawl into bed. Aren't you jealous of the wonderful week I'm having?

Three things you are wearing right now:
a grimace
stripey pajama pants
which coincidentally match my stripey underwear

Three favorite bands/musical artists:
Dave Matthews Band

Three favorite songs:
Typical Situation - Dave
Scars and Stitches - Guster
Mother - Tori Amos

Three things you want in a relationship:
a real, live boy!

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to you:
oh lovely teeth (i guess you could lump that with smile, but honestly? TEETH)
lower lip

Three of your favorite hobbies/interests:
cross-stitching (look how similar we are sister!)
mindless TV/movies

Three things that scare you:
those white bugs in our garden, like huge creepy albino worms with a big brown head. Ugh

Three of your everyday essentials:
lint roller
granola bar

Three drugs of choice:
Today: Imodium AD

Three favorite toys:
Swiffer Wet Jet
my mini ipod

Three careers you have considered/are considering:
well I am in insurance
dog/cat pamperer (in all its many aspects: shelter, kennel, dog walking service; all of which i own)

Three places you want to go on vacation:
Greece (stole that from my sister)

Three kids' names you like:
I do not feel like answering this one.

Three things you want to do before you die:
buy a brownstone and make it "home"
own a big, beautiful needy dog
actually try to write a book

Three celeb crushes:
Jimmy Fallon (was renewed today....)
Topher Grace
i should say Justin Timberlake but I want to say Adam Brody. You pick.


  1. I wish to steal your meme. Can I?

  2. a.) my god, that letter took forever to get to you! but glad it came at a needed time!
    b.) i'm gonna steal your meme, not even gonna ask. i'll fill it out this weekend after the homeschoolers leave and post it - it'll give me something t o look forward to
    c.) i tried to blog on monday, and i had this gaint lovely blog, and the internet ate it. not kidding, i dunno what happened but all of a sudden it was gone. so it's not for a lack of trying that i have no posts.
    d.) when are you leaving for hawaii, it's not's before the 17th is it? otherwise i fear i won't see you!