Monday, June 13, 2005

She says she has no time....

Ok, so the silence is broken. Not even a day later. My break really held strong, huh? And no I am not caving to the peer pressure you pressurers. I broke my silence for two reasons: Michael Jackson and belly buttons. How about belly buttons first?

Belly buttons fascinate me. Many roomates have seen me sit in a lazy stupor and play with mine. Gross? Ok, but a little quirk that I don't even realize I'm doing. I learned today that they can also disgust me. A girl was running down the street in a bra and shorts. I kind of understand because it is ungodly hot, and if i ever considered running, I'd need to run naked in this she was just next best thing to naked. Anyway, her belly button was all aquiver as she ran past me and it was a)huge b)scary. I would not bear that belly button for the world to see. Most of us have a little round one or in my case a slit in my belly. She had a huge round foldy thing. Sorry if you do too, but ew.

And I wouldn't be bothered to comment on the trial except someone at my work had me thinking. She said "Oh thank god. I thought that poor boy was going to be charged with everything." And I thought, well isn't that just the problem? He is a GROWN MAN not a "poor boy" or "child." He should therefore act his age and not be having sleep-overs in his bed with other people's children. I'm not saying he actually molested anyone, who could know? But the whole situation is a problem. I found myself wishing it was like Judging Amy and she could not charge him but demand he go to counseling or something. You know, "i'm not convinced you're guilty but you have some serious problems. Go get help."

So to all you that are glad that "poor boy" was innocent, maybe you should take a good look around and wave at your common sense. It's quietly walking away.

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