Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back pain...

Before I go into my back pain, can I just say that I really love Lincoln Park? Ok, I will. I really love it here. The antique fair was a little bit of a bummer because there was "cover." $6 to look at antiques I will never buy? No thanks. But the jazz band was nice. Whenever I walked out the door this weekend jazz music followed me for a block or two. It was almost like having a soundtrack...

My mom and I went to an open house. It was a $380,000 condo that was actually quite big and charming. Beautiful old built-ins...too bad I can't afford that for another five years or so. Ah well. We also saw a lemonade stand that had a "strings" serenade. There were two girls, one of them on some string instrument making "music" the other selling the lemonade. Very amusing. Lincoln park...i don't know, it just fits.

Now for the back pain. When I was reading my sisters blog list meme, I was a little surprised by one of the questions I would answer yes to. I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, not so costly and there would be no scars. But not to fix myself, to reduce myself. And herein lies the back pain. I just slaved over my friend Liz's color book for about 3 hours. My one page is wonderful and shows the work, although the other which took nearly half the time really looks...well, simple. I do love this color book project and I'll be a little sad when its over (although i am impatient to get mine back. When, when when!). Maybe I should try to find 10-12 people to do another one...the only thing is: you must have the time and the money. Anyone out there interested?


  1. I'll do it this time. But only if you accept that I have literally no artistic talent and every page I do will probably turn out ugly.

  2. Please explain the color book thing again...cause I think I would do it...unless there are pre-requisites such as being female or incredibly close to one another...
    But it does sound interesting.

  3. speaking of the color books - i've been here in vermont for over 3 months and not a single color book have i received. are there some there that were sent on that i'll never see? i gotta get back in the loop, because i'm scared i may never see my color book again!