Sunday, May 29, 2005

What holiday?

I am totally exhausted. First let me say that my Saturday was wonderful. I went home, planted a lot of flowers and spent some quality time with my mom and sister (even if I did go to bed early). It was a really nice day. This morning I went out to breakfast with my dad/sister, got a car wash and drove home which were all perfect Sunday activities. I was planning to come home, have a vacuum, maybe go to the zoo and then sit and watch a movie.

I came home to a couple of leaking ceilings, smelly (like a fish tank, not like poo) puddles of water and soggy everything. I went into a little breakdown with a considerable amount of panic involved, called my mom and figured out how to deal with this disaster. After calming down a little I went to my upstairs neighbor who said he had a clogged tub. He had called the landlord, they would fix it tuesday. I called the landlord and said, no, that is not acceptable, my apartment smells like a fish tank come fix this. The handyman comes. So does my mom. Thanks Mom! You really are the best mom ever! What other mom would just rush to downtown chicago to save their freaking out child (who is actually an adult now)?

Here's the real story. Jackass frat boy upstairs has had a clogged tub for a week or so and has been showering in it every day. It got worse, and worse, and was at the point of overflowing onto the floor before he called the landlord. On a holiday weekend.

I now officially have reason to hate my neighbor. Wonderful way to meet your neighbors for the first time, huh?

I'm going to go eat some lunch (cheese and pretzels probably) and lay on the couch with Harry Potter. What an emotional rollercoaster....hope your memorial day weekend was a little better than mine.


  1. Damn, that sucks. I'm glad mom came and helped you out though. And, your neighbor is an ass.

    Hope everything is okay--not too soggy and gross.

  2. Sorry to hear about the malfunction with the neighbor.

    So, did everything get fixed? Any perm damage from the water?