Monday, May 23, 2005

Things to say...

I almost called this blog entry pontification, but that sounded snobby so I didn't. Good story.

I have some issues:
  1. I always end up at the zoo. I went to a scrapbook store that was probably a mile away from the zoo, went even further south and then went to the zoo. I know Lincoln Park Zoo has been killing lots of animals, but oh well. I still like it there. On Saturday I didn't even end up looking at the animals (some seals, cows and pony's) much, I just walked through. I guess I just like zoo atmosphere.
  2. Rugs are a weakness. Some people buy shoes, some collect teapots, I can't help but be drawn in by a rug. Don't worry family, I haven't bought one...but I need a new one for my kitchen. There was an unfortunate incident involving ocean fish catfood and I figured the smell/stain was there to stay. So the rug was tossed.
  3. I have a friend who lives in Minnesota (see J over at bloggy bloggertons). She reads this, so I'm not talking about her behind her back or anything, but she's harrassing me to come visit her. Here is my logical thought process that always leads me to NO: she frequently comes to this neck of the woods to visit her family and has not once mentioned coming to see me or even asking me out to Naperville (although it would be nice if she saw my apartment). There was a housewarming, nothing. Since I do think it is much more convenient for her to visit, once she makes an effort, then I'll make an effort. Please tell me if I'm being unfair.
I convinced some poor person to go to Malkovich's play. Let me rephrase: Malkovich was excellent because I love him, but PLEASE do not go to that as your first play. It was still boring. Just not as boring as I thought. Go see Wicked.

On Friday's this summer I might get off at 11:30. Are you jealous?


  1. Does this mean you'll come to Cincinnati to see me?? I've tried to come see you while in the city, but you always find some reason to ignore me. Once again, I may be there the first weekend in June....what are you up to?? Katie, it's been a year, seriously. Well if this time doesn't work out, no fear, I'll be in Chicago tons this summer, you will have to be free to see me one time. It is inevitable.

    Roomie #1

  2. I was musing, I doubt I would've actually gone to see it.

    Now I sure won't. Now I'll never go see a play. Ever.

  3. Three things:
    1. Hi, I'm Steve.
    2. I get off at 12:30 on Fridays this summer. You beat me by an hour.
    3. Somehow, EVERY walk I take during the summer leads me to the zoo. It's so weird. Sometimes I don't even go in, but I always end up there. It's like my brain is on autopilot, and that autopilot loves animals.