Friday, May 06, 2005

I have frustration...

I have three things to say. I'll get through the one that is making me angry first. Way back when, I blogged about the slackers at work who don't do anything when the bosses aren't present. My sister mentioned that she and her friend T believe they would be those slackers. I challenge you both to confess if you would be so bad as the following:

Today is a busy day. Fridays generally are. My underwriter was swamped. I personally put two or three rushes on top of her pile around 11. At about noon she left her office for a meeting (please note that the rushes were still on the top of the pile). She never came back. The meeting was in the VP's office. They chatted (I'm right near the door and this was no meeting) and then decided to go for lunch. She came back around 4. That is 5 solid hours of slacking. Not only that, but at 4:10 she left for the day. And should I mention that she reeked of alcohol and called me "Katie-doo" before she left? Do you really think that you could have so little respect for your job that you would do that A and T? I lose respect for her everytime she does this. Not only does this leave her clients screwed (many an angry person called me) but it also ruins my afternoon listening to these people bitch. At one point I had to go ask another underwriter to do some of her work. I think I wouldn't have minded had she left at noon with a beautiful clean desk and no stack of rushes. I may have even laughed at the "Katie-doo" incident. But not today...oh no...not today...

On another work note: boys, you may want to skip this paragraph. It really is meant for the girls out there. Although you may be curious about this. By this I mean douching. Every so often (at least once a week) I end up in the bathroom with a certain co-worker. I think she douches every time she goes. There are interesting noises coming from her stall and I've decided it's either douching noises (i've never douched, so how would i know?) or some sort of drug that I'm too naive to know about. Is it really necessary to douch every time? Or at all? Has anyone out there douched before? You can leave comments anonymously...

I'm getting to this strange point with one of my friends where I just don't care. Sometimes friendships fade, and in most cases they fade mutually. In this case, I do believe it isn't mutual and I have no clue how to proceed. Or if I should proceed at all. What is the right way to deal with it? Just not deal with it?

I'm off to lay on the couch. The stomach is knotted. I don't know why. Not in a nervous way but in a painful oogy way.


  1. Well, I would never do a liquid lunch. And if I knew a customer would be angry, I'm pretty sure I would get the work done. In fact, I'm pretty sure I would get the work done, and then leave early. I'd work fast.

    As for douching. Ewww. It's bad for you! BAD! It's kills all the good bacteria in your vag that will kill bad things that might try to be in there.

    You wanna know something weird? A cat just walked up to the open patio doors and walked away. Weird.

  2. You're not upset with me? I have crazy dreams about you, our friendship cannot fade.

  3. 1. NEVER douche. I can't believe anyone less than 60 would ever consider it. Older women were told it was good for them (no need for the gory details) and may not have learned the truth.

    2. What kind of a boss takes an underwriter out for a 5 hour drinking lunch without being concerned for the work left behind? Not to excuse the underwriter, but it sounds like a top-down work ethic problem.