Thursday, May 05, 2005

Today was...?

I shouldn't be in a good mood. Honestly, I got very little sleep last night. I went to bed much later than usual and woke up this morning at 5 unable to fall back asleep. Sleep is important to me and I didn't get much. This usually guarantees crabbiness.

Then, my L breaks down. Not just a 5 minute break down. A 25 minute, train ends up dropping us at the next stop break down. We sat (or more accurately stood) on a packed train, broken so no air for 25 minutes. Only to be unloaded at the next stop and told we would have to cram onto the following trains. Think this through. Every stop behind us had crowds on the platforms because they also were delayed for 25 minutes. So I ended up jamming on to the third train that came past. And I was 35 minutes late for work, sweaty and stressy. As far as L issues go, I hope that was my worst one.

Work was fairly good today. Everyone was cheery because of the weather.

I noticed that often when my hands end up on the wrong keys and I go to start an email to someone I write Gu. And it always makes me giggle.

I get indian leftovers tonight! Oh tikka masala, i love you....

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