Sunday, March 06, 2005

The regrets and accomplishments of this weekend...

First off, let me just say, what was I thinking not going to the party thing last night? I was in a little funk and I was having weird stomach issues, but it wouldn't have killed me to go. Plus, driving to the grocery store/pet supplies store today I drove past the bar where it was at, and honestly, its SO close to me I could run there and not be winded (which means its REALLY close because I am no athlete). I am ashamed I didn't go. Honestly. Sorry people I would have liked to see (especially roomie #1), I have no excuse except that I suck.

Now on to the positives of this weekend so I can stop feeling guilty and pissed at myself. First, I watched three movies I enjoyed which is often difficult considering my varied Netflix list. I liked I Heart Huckabees a lot. And I enjoyed Whale Rider and Raising Helen. Good all around.

My cleaning accomplishments are staggering. Sheets changed, the four loads of laundry, whole place vacuumed and Wet Jet'd and the bathroom is scrubbed. I've filed away all the crap that was laying around and now if only I could tidy the coffee table and dining table the place would be spotless! Joy! I've also done an assignment and taken a midterm today. I'm going to go pay bills and other things and then just sit.

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Again, sorry old friends...will see you some other time I hope...soon..

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