Saturday, March 05, 2005

Delusions of grandeur...

Shoe shopping is my personal version of hell. I wear a size 5 shoe. Some brands don't even make size 5's. So finding the right shoe has always been difficult, if not hellish. Today, my world came crashing down when New Balance shoe guy tells me that I actually have a size 4 1/2 foot, a high instep and a wide foot. Do any of you know what this means?

First, they do not make a size 4.5. This does not exist. Women's shoes start at 5. IF the company even makes fives. Then add to that the wide foot thing and you now need a size 5 WIDE. Which is even more rare. I have officially become impossible to shoe (does this work? shoe is not a verb, but what would be the verb of putting on a shoe. like the verb of putting on clothes is clothe). Damn you foot, damn you. It's really no wonder I hate feet. 4.5? I'm a freak.

And now, I'm not feeling very well. I'm not going to go into details but lets just say I took a pill so maybe the problem will gradually fade. Or maybe I won't be able to go to my hair appointment or out tonight. Maybe my turmoil over shoes has moved to my stomach. Too much information? I'm off to cuddle on the couch with Mona. Any men out there who want to take her place, inquire within.

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