Thursday, November 14, 2013

day 13: lacking energy

Kenpo X.

It was a rough one today. The music and no Tony Horton didn't help me at all, I was so lackluster that at one point instead of back-kicking I kicked my own leg. That's embarrassing. But I did the whole video; I made it through. And that means I'm done with my second week. Fantastic.

Before I get to the verdict, I'd like to overshare: my bra has officially started chafing me during my workouts. This is something of a right of passage for me (perhaps for all people with large boobs?) when I start to work out a lot suddenly and I feel proud. But also, OUCH. Punching a bunch while my bra is rubbing me raw? UGH.

Verdict: raw underarm fat + no energy = rotten last day of week 2.

13 (14) down, 77 (76) to go.

Tomorrow's my rest day, so I'll see you again on Saturday.

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