Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Perhaps a slightly misleading title, because the workout itself and my muscle performance? Probably not any better. But I turned off the p90x music and did cues only, then pumped in my own spotify soundtrack and holy shit, my workout was so much better. Boredom cured when you can sing along to someone. Also I don't have to listen to Tony Horton's incessant chatter and flirting with Dreya. Improved times one million.

Legs & Back. Ab Ripper X.

All in all, not a terrible workout. I'm still trying to figure out if the bands are working since I can't do a pull up. I think I need to use the more resistant band next time. But I definitely got a great leg workout and did more exercises for my back (fake band pullups) than last time. Ab ripper X was still a crap shoot. I did maybe 8 of most of the exercises. Some of them my body just won't do with regularity so I try to just go with it. 

Verdict: A good workout full of dance music and muscles.

12 down, 78 to go.

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