Thursday, April 11, 2013


This month was kind of a weird hodge podge box. And my pictures are terrible, so here's hoping I can find some pictures on the internet to borrow!

First, luggage tag. Pretty lovely and the best thing in the box in my opinion. And sadly, you do have to see my picture.
Dreadful photography, really lovely product. Gray and white chevron luggage tag from Lovell Designs.

Postcards (again, have to use my image, I am so sorry).

Ahoy from Maple & Belmont. Other from Sarah Doriani. Sarah has no link in her little Umba descriptor so I can't send you her way.

Lotion skin stick. Image borrowed from company.

I actually have one of these already. Umba running out of fresh things or just really loving these products? I do like these skin sticks. Lotion on the go. From Rinse.

Shampoo bar!

Kind of excited about this one. It came with instructions and does have a warning about hard water (eh oh). I honestly would like to steal a picture from the site but the freaking website is in FLASH. -10. From Scum Soaps.

And lastly, granola. Worst pic in the lot (though the shampoo bar gives it a run for the money with my centering). I need to take these pictures during the day.

My least favorite thing in the box. I don't eat granola. Loml ate a piece of it and was like, eh. Not a hit in the household - but we're not granola eaters so our review means next to nothing. From SoSoft 7nola.

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