Saturday, March 09, 2013

I'm a day or two off on my whole tuesday/thursday thing this week. And honestly, I expect to be next week as well. But I'm still trying for twice a week! And so it's an umba day!

This month's box is...meh. I do love the little vase, and I plan to use it. But the pin and the dandelion are not useful for me. I will never wear that pin. And the yarn dandelion has already been manhandled, multiple times, by cats. I have found it on the floor a few mornings this week. And by cats I really mean one cat named Mona. But let me show you the St. Patrick's themed stuff.

Vase + dandelion:

Yeah, there's cat hair stuck all over that dandelion. It was loved. Vase from Material Good. Yarn dandelion from Love and Marshmallows.


Pin from neogranny. To be fair, this pin isn't for me, but some of the other stuff she makes is rad. So it was fun to look around (not sure i need earrings in the shape of glasses or scissors...but if i ever did, these would top my list!).

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