Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yesterday, on the way home from the burbs/zoo, loml was fiesty (probably due to the gigantic pop he had at dinner).  He has very sharp elbows and enjoys "dancing" in the car which mainly involves flailing his arm in front of me and elbowing me with his awfully sharp elbow.  I had had just about enough and was saying as much, when we had this conversation:

me: GAAAAHHHH.  Stop it.
loml: Who would have thought that you would be the one that needed time alone?
me:  ME.
loml: Who would have thought?  

And even right now, he's talking to me about what this post is going to be about and I want lip zippers to actually exist.  Sometimes, as a person used to being alone, I get super annoyed and want to chop off his arm right above his exceedingly sharp elbow.  This, my friends, is what happens when you have an easily annoyed person living with someone who is really great at annoying.

I even warned him of my crabbiness:  the "plumber" came today from my contractor to look at the basement shower (not getting hot enough).  Only it wasn't really a plumber, it was the catch-all man who did various and sundry in our basement.  This annoyed me after already waking up crabby.  I woke up crabby because I generally sleep with a fan pointed at me at night to cool my 1000 degree sleeping temp.  Loml is concerned about the amount of white noise and so we attempted without.  I slept, but fitfully.  Tossed and turned a lot.  

As for the icicle situation, contractor deemed that "ice/snow build up, not diagnosable by him as shoddy work until spring".  Even though loml and I both saw the water leaking out of the joint between gutters.  Bah.  Bullshit.

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