Thursday, December 09, 2010

Today I had an MRA not an MRI.  Honestly, I'm pretty confused and I have no idea what they're trying to diagnose here.  Blood vessel anomaly in my chest x-ray.  MRA of my chest area.  That's what I know.  I don't get results for 2-3 business days, so check back later.

The MRA itself was an MRI but I think they take images differently.  I got an IV, though they didn't end up shooting anything into it.  So I went through that pain in the ass for nothing.  I did find myself wondering if I'm becoming a swooner: when I got my IUD I got really hot and shaky and dizzy afterwards.  That happened while she was doing the IV (and moving that needle back and forth and wiggling it while it was in my arm which felt terrible and makes my skin crawl even thinking about it).  And now I'm wondering if that hot/shaky thing isn't just the phase right before a faint; maybe I'm only avoiding fainting by sheer force of will.

IV in, I go to the MRI room with my tech, Chris, who was a weird dude.  He was a 20 year old in a 40 year olds body.  Or else he was aging really badly.  He strapped me on to the machine (with 3 stickers/sensors around my heart and a cage above my chest) and in I went.  It honestly wasn't bad.  The machine had a constant noise beat (like a dance beat) and then all of the tests added to the beat to make a new beat.  It was like an MRI song.  I found it intriguing.  Also, the machine gets hot during some of the tests, which was odd.  All in all, fascinating.  At times, it was kind of relaxing.  Sort of like sensory deprivation except I could still hear.  I think it's possible, that if you subtract the IV experience, I kind of enjoyed it.

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