Thursday, December 02, 2010

I present to you, without further explanation, an emotional storm.

This is the gear room.
That door ahead of you opens into the electric meter closet.
This is the meter on the floor while the gas company was working on it (from the very first trip); picture credit: loml
Please note the ledge and it's height off of the floor.  Notice all those pipes on the right blocking easy access.  The meter hangs in the large empty space on the left - pretty much right in front of the ledge.  How and where does a fat cat hurl her body up there and squeeze in?  We will never know.
This is what it looks like when you are sure the cat is in the wall and loml suggests we take a flash picture.
Click on that one to enlarge.  The dark lump in the back is Boku.
I immediately try zoom, then take a picture.
Click on that one to enlarge.  This is the moment (5:05pm from the timestamp) that I started to completely break down.  Because in that image in kind of looks like Boku is stuck on her back legs.  I can't stop seeing it like that.  Like she was trying to climb to the right and got stuck in a slightly ramped position.  That white bit at the bottom left is her paw.  Does anyone else see that?
From this point until around 5:25 I was inconsolable.  We couldn't get Boku to move or make any noise.  I have almost 20 pictures trying to document some kind of change.  Anything.  Nothing.  Because Boku was dead, remember?
The first glance into the hole.  Still didn't have the best angle/ability to see her.

The second glance.  It was NOT a back paw.  It was white ass hair + insulation = visual trickery.
And then we had this. picture credit: loml
Now we have a handy dad fixing up that hole.  It will be mended before any of you will ever get a chance to see it with your own two eyes.  And I am so happy for that.

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