Monday, December 13, 2010

I have a very serious sweet tooth.  I have been known to eat cookies for any meal of the day.  And even though he has a video on his phone of me eating cinnamon rolls for dinner that he tortures me with, loml buys me my favorite cookies all the time.  He supports my bad habits.  Santa's favorites are prevalent in this house during the winter.  And it is delightful to be surprised with something you love.

Loml and I have been at this, officially, for a year and a half.  But even before we were together, I got boxes of Santa's Favorites from him for Christmas.  

Part of me wants to stop this post at that - loml brings me cookies when I'm not expecting them.  But I promised you all a sappy post.  There's obviously more to this than cookies.  I mean, the laughs...the laughs from the pushed buttons (mine mostly, but others as well) - I laugh every day.  The stories, he tells stories in a really solid way and I've always preferred listening to talking.  And of course, there's the conversations.  I need to digress here because there is no really good word for chat that doesn't sound trivial or completely cheesy.  Gab?  Heart-to-heart?  Yap?  The only one I'm drawn to is tete-a-tete and that sounds uppity.  Snobbish.  So.  We chat and it is good.

He pushes my buttons, I get mad, we laugh and jabber(?) and eat cookies and sit on our asses.  It's pretty good.

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