Sunday, December 12, 2010

Apologies for the missed day.  I had planned on posting some time in the afternoon yesterday and then I got all kinds of distracted making sure the house looked well enough for the housewarming party.  Thank you to all who came, it was a really lovely evening.

After the party, I told loml we should really get out more - all of our friends are pretty fantastic and I'd like to know some of them better.  And he said, "eh, I think they know why we're shut-ins now.  Our house is awesome."  And so apparently you're all going to have to start coming to us - our doorbell is always working.

But, really, if the party did anything (besides prove that the upstairs will get super warm from body heat while the downstairs remains icy), it inspired me to be really grateful for my family and friends. You all are the best.

And now I will go eat cupcakes, cake, cookies, delicious spicy pretzels, salsa, cucumbers, and pistachios until I feel sick. And then I'll lay down like a big lump and enjoy my Sunday of nothing.

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