Friday, December 31, 2010

For next year, I'd like to continue to write here every now and again, to keep up with the knitting, to keep loml around.  Basically I want a year of status quo - a year where nothing huge happens.  I also am already planning on doing more for myself.  My first three areas of attack are:
  • Coding improvements.  I'm taking a Ruby on Rails program in winter. I know I code for my living, but I often feel like I don't actually do much coding.  Sharepoint sort of stole that from me.  And so I'm going to try a few certificate programs and learn some new languages.
  • Hobby improvements.  I'm taking an embroidery class from Lill Street.  I've wanted to try classes there for years and now it's on my way home from work.  There's no reason I shouldn't try stuff out there.
  • Body improvements.  Since getting the IUD I've gained a shit ton of weight.  You go on the pill, you gain weight.  You go off, you gain weight.  It's all very frustrating.  So I'd like to get in a routine where my exercise is just part of my day and I only eat cookies once or twice a week, not every day.  That seems doable and will hopefully aid in shedding a few of those pounds.
I hope you all have a lovely NYE, whatever you may be doing.  

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