Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Phew, I've been meaning to write pretty much every day since the last time I wrote.  One of those posts was going to be about how I am broke, one about how I'm having some issues with some extra poundage around the old belly but the house is making it impossible to go to the gym regularly, one about how contractors are idiots, one wondering how one goes about selling a hot tub, and so on and so on.

Apparently being a homeowner is taking all of my brainpower right now.  But I feel lighter lately because it's almost over.  Loml and I will have a house - right now loml, I and five random men have a house.  

And the reason for finally writing this post is to say - we're moving in to the basement this weekend.  Or some of our stuff finally will.  I cannot wait.  And here is your final tour.

Our jelly jar stairwell.

Looking into the basement (I'm standing on the bottom stair).  Yes, I am in the process of doing 80 loads of laundry that have been overflowing the hamper.  Basically you're looking into the second family room here.

The bathroom, sans vanity top.  I ordered the vanity top yesterday, it's the basic "generic" top from the vanity company.  So.  Same company.  Pretty sure it's not going to fit.  The sinks are not going to fit in the holes correctly.

The toilet nook.  The nook is to the left in the picture above.  That is a fancy japanese toilet.  It has a button flush on top, you can chose between a small flush and a serious flush.  Saving the environment...

This is taken standing in the toilet nook.  That is my lovely shower.  There is a little seat to the right in the shower that you cannot see.

The bottom of the stairs is right to the right there.  Looking back, the "stripey" door used to go on a cedar closet, so that's cedar you're seeing.  That door goes to a bedroom/loml's gear room.  The nook on the left is going to be shelving.  Except, we need perfectly fitting shelves.  Good idea construction foreman, lackluster follow through.  Door on the right is storage.

The family room/loml's room basically look like blank rooms with this same flooring.  It's pretty lovely.  And also really dusty.  There's the laundry buzzer, gotta go grab those sheets and make the bed.

After this weekend, open invitation to you all to come over.  The back porch has been ripped off the house and the deck is going up quickly, so here's hoping we'll be planning an open house housewarming sometime in the next few weeks.  

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