Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I am about to do something that I have found very hard to do so far...that is...tell you about loml in a happy way. There is something about writing a self-satisfied blog post that gives me chills. I don't want anyone to read a post I write and think: that bitch is smug. So I'm going to try to walk on this very thin ice - between writing a happy post and being smug. And if I fail, call me out.

loml and I just hit six months. Strangely, a lot of that time it felt like it all wasn't really happening and so six months came really quickly and feels like we've been together longer than that. And so I would like to just tell you all how lucky I feel (most of the time) to be going through all of this messy relationship stuff with loml. I'm extremely inexperienced at all of it and I tend to over-analyze and he's a peach for putting up with it.

I just deleted a whole paragraph about how I am sometimes needy and loml also handles that like a peach - but then i deleted it because listing all of my faults and saying loml is awesome for putting up with them is a pretty sorry happy post. We put up with each other - it's becoming obvious that all relationships that succeed are based on people being uniquely suited to handle the other ones tricky bits. And yes, I kind of like that that sounds dirty. I like loml's tricky bits, even though it's often maddening, frustrating and full of lots of nuggets to over-analyze. And I sort of hope he likes mine...or if nothing else, he likes making me squirm while he picks on mine.

You're a peach loml.

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