Monday, September 14, 2009

Last night I watched the movie Hannah Takes the Stairs. It was passable - not anything to go on about. But I did take a few things from the movie and I'll share one here.

I am incubating a budding obsession with the idea of wearing a long, very thin chain and a locket. Nestled under my shirt. The only issue with this obsession is that I don't like gold and all of the lockets out there are kind of ugly. I want a medium to big one. Preferably in something not gold. Even etsy is sort of...coming up short. This one is OK:

But I really like the idea of having a vintage, real locket. Or at least for the locket to look the part. Like...

I'm still torn on whether or not I like the heart shaped locket. Is it too kitschy? Too cute?

Re-entrance into blogging is going to be rough...

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