Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A departure...

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend...

In order to get back on this blogging thing, here's a list of things I sometimes kind of want, sometimes don't want at all and sometimes I think I can't be without...

  1. Wii. Mainly so that I can get wii fit. But also, Mario Kart. Ok, fine, wii sports too.
  2. Rock Band. Mostly I think I can't be without it. Then I look around my apartment and think...really? Rock band would force me to move furniture. But I could have an avatar! Or two. Or five. And I could try to sing (I do not have the confidence to sing in front of you for the first time). And my drumming skills would explode.
  3. A trip to Vegas.
  4. A kitten. Damned if I don't go into the adoption center at Petsmart and get hooked on the troubled kittens every single time. I have a weakness for cats in cages. And calicos exacerbate that. But this one is certainly on the list of things I DEFINITELY do not need.
  5. A condo. I always want this.
  6. This election to be over already, Hillary to leave in disgrace (and debt) and Obama to eke out a win (or not eke...to kill).
  7. About 10 things on etsy every day. That site is killer. Ordered within the last month that I do not need: shirt, ring, earrings, bracelet.
  8. Work to be less about deadlines and more about the actual work.


  1. I know you're likely being facetious, but seriously, the drum feature on Rock Band fills me with rage. It's probably because I'm an actual drummer, though, and Rock Band is nothing like actual drumming.



  2. If you got a Wii and then got Mario Kart we could play online together. :o)

    Ohh and by the way. The USPS ate your last letter to me. The remains of it came in a sad little envelope with a lame excuse.