Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today in numbers...

  • Number of "Not In Service" trains I saw at rush hour: 2
  • Number of trains I took to get to and from the courthouse: 4
  • Number of buses I was supposed to take: 2
  • Number of buses I took: 0
  • Number of buses I saw go by in the direction I needed: 0
  • Number of miles I walked today: 2.8
  • Number of people who had jury duty: hundreds
  • Number of policemen I saw running full tilt after a criminal on my lunch break: 3 -5. It was an amazing commotion. Noted: if you are running from police and there is a choice between a revolving door and a handicapped door - go handicapped. That revolving door slows down momentum ten-fold.
  • Number of "panels" called for actual jury duty: 3 (panel is just a random group of people. We all chose a number out of a bucket upon arrival)
  • Number of panels: at least 12
  • Number of times my panel was called: 0
  • Difference between my number and the three called, in order called: 10, 3, 1 (I was convinced that if a fourth was called it would be my number)
  • Money I made: $17.20
  • Which works out to a whopping $3.13 an hour (I was there for about 5 hours total).

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