Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drinking lessons...

I have found, over many years of sporadic drinking, that sometimes, no matter how much you want it, it is impossible to get drunk. Through what seems like no fault of your own, the drunk buzz? Never happens.

One drink and two strong martinis later...I was still sober. Maybe a little more honest and noisy than usual, but sober (a final piece of honesty...I didn't give up my post-game JT). This is the third time I've experienced this:
  1. Sometime in college (junior year?) I was at a party, drinking half a tray (for real) of jello shots that were full of everclear. And I was sober.
  2. Last year - I hate to say it - but at my friends bachelorette party. You know, I did hit drunk, but for like...10 minutes. And then I was back to normal.
  3. And tonight.
There is very little that is similar between the events. Possibly my desire to get drunk was high? And I promise, it's not that I'm drunk but I'm so stupid that I think I'm not. No. I really can talk normally, walk normally, do everything the same old sober way....

I wish this wouldn't happen.

As a side note (and somehow a corollary), I found myself wondering the extent to which I allow other people to impact my world view.

And as another side note, I find the no smoking in bars thing AMAZING.

And, assuming there are two sides to each blog post, as a bottom note (it fits), what do you think would happen if JT got a big old b0ner during his concert? You think he's wearing a cup?

Happy Birthday Al! I'm sorry I couldn't get ripped with you tonight....

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