Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Banned book tres...

So for my final banned book review, I read the classic Are you there God? It's me, Margaret. I am fairly sure that I had read this book before (it all seemed vaguely familiar...).

In case you're unaware of the plot, I'll summarize. Margaret moves. Moving problems ensue (fitting in and going through puberty at same time). That's basically it. With the added twist that Margaret was not raised religiously and is trying to figure out what she believes in (I think it's important to note that Margaret is trying to find WHAT she believes in, not IF she believes. There is one point in the book where she gets angry with God. But she doesn't not believe).

I think it was actually sort of good that I had read Alice, because these two characters are basically going through the same age period. And where Alice was annoying, Margaret was lovable. Her search is endearing and in the end, it's more about reaching for knowledge than anything anti-religion.

And the religion thing...that's why it's banned. And that makes me sad. I think it's great that this young girl is trying to find her own way in the quagmire of organized religions. In the end she doesn't have a definitive answer, but she still believes. And that is a positive message for anyone, it certainly isn't anti-organized religion.

I just Wikipedia'd this, and it says that it's banned "due to its frank treatment of sexuality and religion." And by sexuality we mean: Margaret getting her period.

Banning books is SO WEIRD. Absolutely unnecessary in this case. A lovely coming of age book that I would recommend to anyone.

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