Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Potato, potahto...

I have recently acquired a love of baked potatoes (recently as in...yesterday). I think I may eat a baked potato a few times a week now. Totally delicious. Why did I never bake myself a potato before this (and it's so easy too!)? Mmmm potatoes.

Let's see...what to say...a lot of my recent blog posts have been kind of downers, huh? I'm mostly cheerful lately, so it's a bit sad that I'm taking it out on the blog readers. It seems to be my tendency to want to get out my frustrations blog-style.

School is chugging along. I haven't done much homework-wise and plan to continue along that vein. I have done a fair bit of reading for my participation oriented class, but I may stop that now. I'm sure I'll pass my classes, I"m going to try to worry less.

I recently actually donated money to politics. Yuck, right? I don't know why but I just heart Obama. I have for a while. I think our country will be better off if he's the one who gets the Democratic I put in a few bucks to pretend to do my part to make that happen.

Sort of random post you have there...

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