Sunday, September 30, 2007


That title should be sung to the tune of The Frankenmuth Polka, which you can hear here. Watch out though, you hear it once and you immediately love it...if by love it you mean hate it/get it stuck in your head.

This weekend was a study in family interaction (between the sister, mom and I). We crack each other up, we bicker, we encourage bad behaviors (altogether we purchased 33 donuts this weekend) and we love Christmas.

Case in point. Christmas on my head (Mom cut out of picture to preserve her anonymity on the internets).

Little Bavaria Michigan is fun to visit for a day (or really less than a day) but not so much fun to sleep in (I got very little sleep). Bronner's (the CHRISTmas superstore) can make the grinchiest grinch feel Christmas spirit (and the non-religious feel a little ill at all of the preachiness...lest we not remember that" It's HIS Birthday, It's HIS way"). But we had fun, we laughed an awful lot and we ate Chicken and donuts.

Now if only it were Christmastime and I could utilize my newly purchased goods...

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  1. Nice pic. :)

    I grew up 1/2 north of 'muth and spent many hours at Bronner's. Christmas year round - it's a kid's dream come true! :)